Essential HR Policies an organization must have
For any organization certain HR Policies are crucial to maintain culture, productivity and competitive advantage. Good HR Policies can make employers more attractive to talent in the market and lower attrition ratio. Also, having strong HR policies and payroll administration can help instill company values locally and improve workforce efficiency. It also saves the company from any legal issues in case if any employee files lawsuit against the company. In this blog, we are discussing certain HR Policies which an organization must have in place…

Code of Conduct The code of conduct contains company’s policies, vision, mission and ethics. This is created to inform employees about the policies of the behavior and maintain discipline. It is a document depicting company’s rules that employees need to adhere to. This policy includes all disciplinary norms and penalties if an employee breaches the rules.

Remote working policy During and Post-pandemic, it becomes important for organizations to put remote work policy in place. Many workplaces are allowing more and more of their employees to work remotely from home or some other location outside the main office. However, not all jobs are well suited for remote work, any organization must define positions eligible for remote work and to inform them importance to comply with legislative requirements in unusual circumstances.

Bring your own device policy In any organization when employees use their own devices for business, security matters need to be taken into consideration. It should be taken care of that your personal device policy comply with regional laws and establish a procedure for end of employment and include any applicable risk associated with the use of personal devices for business purpose.

Confidentiality Policy Due to the changing nature of how information gets shared, it is important to be specific in your confidentiality policy, excluding any items that a labour board may not deem private. It should provide specific examples of the confidential material in question, list employee obligation and comply with applicable regional laws.

No Smoking/Drug and Alcohol Policy Due to the expanding laws legalizing marijuana use, drug and alcohol policies are becoming more and more relevant in this modern world’s modern businesses. Aim to keep in mind any regional laws relating to specific substances when making this policy.

Attendance and Leave Policy Attendance policy is crucial to maintain discipline and reduce absenteeism. Attendance policy clearly communicate when employees must be ready to work, stipulating their scheduled start time each day and provide procedure for applying for leaves prior and reporting to concerned authority for unscheduled absences or late arrivals or early going.

Sexual Harassment Policy Informing and educating employees through an updated sexual harassment policy is critical. Safeguard your company by clearly stating zero-tolerance guidelines for unwanted and inappropriate sexual comments or actions. In some regions companies require this policy in place.

Social Media Policy A well-drafted social media policy can protect your company’s reputation. Despite it is modern in nature, you should still draft this policy to withstand scrutiny from your regional labour relations board. Also, you can include list of        confidential information that should never be shared on social media platforms and disciplinary action for violation.

Health and Safety Policy These policies describe the safety and emergency procedures of the workplace and require employees to report work related injuries. There are regulations for Occupational Health and Safety which binds employers to have specific policies in place for workplace hazards.