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How well drafted HR documents helps SMEs & Start-ups?


Almost one-half of the start-ups fail in the very first year of beginning operations due to many reasons and one of them is not having proper HR strategy. SMEs and Start-ups have the opportunity to create easy going and work-friendly environment with flexibility and open culture to attract and retain talent. HR Managers face key challenges trying to make entrepreneurs understand how HR can take their business to new heights. A well drafted policy help businesses to have right no. of people with right skillset to meet the customer demand, analyses impact of internal & external market, venturing new market and adjusting to fluctuating economic pressure.

Role of HR in business

Getting culture right isn’t easy. Most human resources departments control the overall operations of a business, making the department a key component of company’s success. Recruitment and Onboarding, Pay, Performance Management, Learning and Development, reinforcing organization values are all crucial elements for business culture and growth which is covered by HR. It drives Employee Engagement, Talent Retention, High Productivity and Job Satisfaction which ultimately leads to Business Success and Growth. 

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How these documents will help your business ?

These HR documents have been designed by team of Industry Experts and HR Experts and Professionals considering SMEs and Start-ups. 

These documents contain all the necessary policies and processes required for an organization and its HR from Hiring to Exit. 

Also, it contains sufficient documents for any organization “Nothing More…..Nothing Less” so that your HR team don’t need to manage too many documents neither they miss out on important documents. 

It is ideal for any organization to cater its HR needs.

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List of HR Documents

  • Hiring Module
  • Recruitment Module
  • Job Interview Templates
  • Job Offer Templates
  • Rejection Templates
  • Sourcing Templates
  • Referral Templates
  • Social Media Template
  • Statutory
  • Employee Engagement Plan
  • Job Description
  • HR Letters
  • Employee Policies
  • Exit Process
  • Onboarding
  • Performance Management
  • Records & Formats

Labour Welfare Schemes (Gujarat)

With an aim to assist businesses through different schemes to uplift workers or labours into the industry, government has formed the labour policy in consultation with “State Advisory Board”. The mission of the board is to utilize the labour welfare fund for the labours. SMEs can take benefits under these three acts;

1.         The Factories Act, 1948

2.         The Shops and Establishments Act, 1948

3.         The Workmen’s Compensation Act, 1923


To conduct labour welfare activities the state wise Labour Welfare Board has been formed by the government. There are different schemes provided for the labours working into the industry and specially in unorganized sectors to improve their lives. Being into the industry, business must take the benefits of different schemes for the betterment of its workers.  Labour welfare find is statutory contribution that state authorities manage individually. The applicability depends on the state in which your company is registered.

If you are running your company’s payroll, you need to check the different aspects of labour welfare and how it applies to you. To know about different schemes of the board and register online for the same, one needs to visit the website of the labour welfare board. All the necessary information along with the downloadable forms are available on the website.



For the details of labour welfare schemes for Gujarat visit: https://glwb.gujarat.gov.in/

May 31, 2022

Being into manufacturing, we faced many problems like uninformed leaves and late comings which ultimately impacts production. Once we came to know about myhrpolicy for SMEs we purchased it and it was a good decision. It provides all essential HR formats and policies, we put in place its ready to use policies which results in elimination of daily operational HR problems and resolved the leave issues.

May 31, 2022

We are into immigration and IELTS coaching and facing some operational HR issues like right hiring, performance tracking and having code of conduct to maintain discipline to build healthy and transparent work culture. We highly recommend myhrpolicy to SMEs, Start-ups and HR professionals as it provides to the point policy documents and templates.

May 31, 2022

Very well-defined HR policies for small businesses. It provides all the essential documents in simple language and easy to use. It serves the purpose of HR for small businesses as it is to the point and provides enough policies. Our organization get benefitted by using Offer Letters, Employment Contract and specially Confidentiality Agreement (NDA) as it is very important for us. Thank you myhrpolicy for making our HR processes hassle-free.